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Cowra Seed Grain for Chickens

At Cowra Seed grain, we have several products for chickens. We blend our own scratch mix which is ideal for growing chickens or adult fowls & can also be fed to other poultry.

This mix will encourage the birds to ‘scratch around’ which is their natural way to feed.

Comprised from: Wheat, Barley, Sorghum, Cracked Corn, Cracked Lupins, Black Sunflower, Triticale, Oats, Vegetable Oil.

Chook Mix Complete is the deluxe version of scratch mix ideal for those chickens that are in a large pen & not free ranging in yard or paddock. We have added shell grit, layer pallets, Lucerne pallets, Mineral Premix and blended with Molasses to provide all the nutrition a chicken needs.

Feed wheat or chick wheat as some people refer to is unclean wheat & a cheaper alternative to feed chickens. We also offer a discount on feed wheat when purchasing more than 3 bags from our retail outlet here in Cowra.

We also stock Shell grit, Layer pallets, chick starter & pullet grower. Egg from chickens feed on CSG Scratch mix.


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