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Grainline Weigh Series On-Farm Weighbridges

The Grainline on-farm weighbridge package


The Grainline on-farm weighbridge package is supplied with a multi axle weighing indicator, large LED weight display and receipt printer, providing you with a simple easy to use management solution.

The weighbridge platform is a robust modular steel deck design that enables you to select between 8m and 26m in length. Sturdy yellow side rails provide a safety protection guide when driving across the platform.

Access to the load cells and junction box allow for easy maintenance and service of your weighbridge. With simple and concise civil drawings, the factory pre-mounted load cells and clear step by step instructions make installation onto your property a basic process.


Advantages of having your own weighbridge

  • Ensure you receive what you are paying for.
  • Avoid paying thousands for overloaded axles.
  • Know the weight of your grain from each paddock
  • Manage value coming or going in the form of a weight check for:
    • Grains & Fertilizer
    • Livestock
    • Fuel


Weighbridge Exploded View

Weighbridge Exploded View

A – Removable covers

Removable top covers allow for easy assembly and access to the load cells and junction box for servicing your weighbridge

B – Side Rails

The side frames bolted to each side of the modular sections act as a guide to assist drivers when approaching the weighbridge platform.

C – Checker Steel Plate

The heavy duty 6mm checker plate with a hard wearing epoxy coated finish minimises traction loss even in challenging conditions.

D – Modular design

The modular weighing platforms come in three sections. The first and third modules each have four load cells, and the second module, once fixed to 1 and 3, form the complete three module structure.

E – Factory pre-mounted load cells

Factory pre-mounted load cells come as standard equipment, greatly reducing installation time.


Weighbridge Features

Digital Electronic Indicator Large Remote Display
Digital Electronic Indicator
The WS 80/30 indicator incorporates the specially designed software for multi-axle weighing. 
Large Remote Display
The large remote LED display provides an ultra-bright reading with a weather proof stainless steel housing.
Innovative Load Cells Thermal Receipt Printer
Innovative Load Cells
A special feature of the modular designed weighbridge is the factory mounted load cells. These load cells include two directional bumpers allowing you to save time on installation whilst also enabling easy relocation of the platforms. 
Thermal Receipt Printer
The ultra-fast thermal receipt printer helps you to keep track of each axle weight and the combined total weight, providing accurate and efficient record keeping. 
Analogue Load Cells Extra Heavy Duty Construction
Analogue Load Cells
The world renowned Flintec RC3 compression load cells are fitted as standard to the weighbridge platform and rated for use in all environments. 
Extra Heavy Duty Construction
Each section of the weighbridge is designed and constructed to world standards, and are used internationally in the harshest of conditions. 


Cost effective weighbridge foundations

Cost effective weighbridge foundations
With the WS80/30 weighbridge there is no need for special foundations, as it can be installed on any reasonable surface. A full set of civil drawings are provided for various soil conditions. Steel foundations are available if you wish to relocate the weighbridge from time to time.


FINITE Element Analysis - (FEA) Technology

FINITE Element Analysis – (FEA) Technology
The use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) technology in the design process helps to define the stress points of the weighbridge when subjected to operational loads. This ensures a robust weighbridge design is achieved that ensures high durability and accurate functionality during operation.


WS 80/30 Weighbridge Specifications / Technical Data

Weighbridge length 8m for multi axle weighing
Weighbridge width 3m with side rails
Number of axles Enter any number of axles on indicator
Deck plate thickness 6mm or optional 8mm
Height from ground level Surface mounted 360mm
Capacity 60 ton
Load cells 8 x 30t Flintec RC3 compression type
Loading capacity Plus 10t per axle


Photos of the Grainline On-Farm Weighbridges in the field