Cowra Seed & Grain Grainline specialises in the manufacture of augers and grain handling equipment. Grainline products are manufactured to meet the demands and requests of the Australian farmer.


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Poly Products

Grainline’s Poly Products are manufactured from lightweight, long lasting, flexible and weather resistant material, for safe and easy handling.

Grainline Poly Products 1

Mini Hopper
Capacity 60ltrs
Triangular hopper- standard
Capacity 160ltrs

Grainline Poly Products 2

Triangular hopper – deluxe
Capacity 160ltrs
Round Hopper
Capacity 260ltrs
Round Flat Base Hopper
Capacity 320ltrs


Grainling Poly Products 3


Agri Hopper
Capacity 290ltrs
Air Seed Hopper
Capacity 85ltrs
Square to round adaptors


Auger Hoppers (supplied with straps)
Stock Code Height Length Width
GPH-1 430 700 600
GPH-2 440 1100 1200
GPH-3 490 1140 1150
GPH-4 600 1150 round
GPH-5 500 1320 round
GPH-6 570 1560 1200
GPH-7 450 690 610


Grainline Poly Products photos

Left: No Spill spouts to prevent spill-overs and wastage. Right: Down Spouts – up to 8″ or 8″ to 11″ with or without adaptors. Available in any length required.