GMP1060VP Grainline Auger For Sale

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  • Auger size 18m(60’) x 10”
  • 35hp Vanguard engine
  • Hydraulic wheel drive & lift winch
  • Third wheel lift ram
  • Dual motor drive wheel
  • Standing platform with working lights
  • 25lt fuel tank and Poly hopper

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Out of stock

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Key Features of Transportable Augers

  • Heavy duty double intake flighting with a cupped edge provides increased capacity and an extended lifetime.
  • Permanently fixed inner guard, removable outer guard, intake choke emergency cut off switch and telescopic tow bar all contribute to the safety and user friendliness of the auger.
  • The drive shaft covers and guards provide safety and protection for operators to minimise the chance of accidents.
  • Triple reduction on the lift cable as well as the cable pulleys and slide rollers running on sealed bearings lessens the strain on the cable and winch as well as minimises friction raising and lowering the auger.
  • Reversible gearboxes on all Grainline petrol and PTO augers allow the flighting to be reversed for cleaning out the auger.
  • The 3rd wheel design allows the intake and the auger to be raised off the ground so no lifting is required when moving the auger around.

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