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Seed Cleaning:

Removes negative elements such as; weeds, small seed, dust and chaff to provide a higher quality seed. This is done through two different processes, the sizing sieves which filter out detrimental elements larger or smaller than the grain itself, and the variable air extraction which sucks out lighter grain, dust and chaff.

Seed Treating:

Cost effective operation for yield improvement and protection against diseases and insects. The seed is professionally coated with the appropriate treatment which protects the seed and fights off any potential diseases.

Seed Grading:

Aim of seed grading is to maintain quality seed from one season to the next by removing all destructive elements and taking out the lighter, less vigorous seed. This enhances the crop and gives a higher crop health, vigour and yield.

Professional Cleaning & Treating Canola Seed:

Removes any foreign grain from the seed & takes out the lighter grain, retaining the heaver & most vigorous seed. The seed is then professionally coated with the appropriate fungicides & insecticides which protects the seed and fights off any potential diseases.

10% Premium Seed:

When the Canola is graded, 10% of the heaviest, most vigorous seed is kept & stored until the following year when it is then treated & bagged (to the farmers requirements) providing a premium quality  seed.


Cowra Seed & Grain Grainline specialises in the manufacture of augers and grain handling equipment. Grainline products are manufactured to meet the demands and requests of the Australian farmer.


We offer a range of services, Seed Cleaning, Seed Treating, Seed Grading. Read about our full services range here.